15 April 2009

New Song (and then some) : Rodeo Massacre, "The Big Smoke"

I wrote about Rodeo Massacre some time ago (read: a year ago), and a lot of stuff has happened in between then and now, including but not limited to losing a bassist and releasing a new 7" single released on 2nd March, "Same Old Story" / "Sundance Kid" (pictured above). You can hear both songs on their 'Space, but if you purchase a t-shirt from the band, you can get the mp3s for free, too.

The also just posted another new song, "The Big Smoke," which apparently has to do with illness and London, where the band is currently continuing work on their next record :

After a long sleep in yesterday I went to Zorba's house to finish the vocal takes of a new song called the Big Smoke that I wrote during the 2 weeks that I was knocked out in bed and sick after Christmas.
Because I was so terribly sick when we started to record the song almost all the vocal takes were made with me singing lying down on a sofa with Zorba leaning over me with the mic stand.
Pretty funny view!

After 3 cures of antibiotics this winter and a loss of 5 kg I suddenly found myself so week that I had to stay at Zorba's in order for him to take care of me and we both felt at that time that London is a very hard town to live in. At the Same moment Ulf calls up to tell us that he got beaten up in his neighborhood on his way home and we felt we had to write a song about all this.

The song is called "The Big Smoke" which is a way of calling London since the late 19th century and when I moved here I had a friend who would always call London the big smoke so it felt like a natural tittle of the song.

Hope you enjoy it.

Sounds like fun.

ETA : I would give you a download for "The Big Smoke" or "Same Old Story," but I can't seem to get them onto my machine. So you'll have to fend for yourselves this time.

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