30 March 2008

Check This: Rodeo Massacre's back with a new line-up.

La Maroquinerie, Paris

I saw Rodeo Massacre open for Stuck in the Sound last April, and they were really fun and had a lot of great energy, from what I remember. I've had them on my 'Space flist since then, but haven't really paid a lot of attention to them.

The latest news to come from the Paris-via-Sweden band:

Dear Friends

Sorry that we have neglected you recently.
Late last year drummer/ designer Brice Partouche decided to leave the band and concentrate on his successful fashion label April 77. This left us in somewhat of a tailspin. Something had to be done quickly.

Having toured France for over a year Michael and I wanted to take the band overseas.
Unfortunately our much-talented bassist and friend Francois Marcelly couldn’t make the trip with us due to his commitments to his studies and his other bands. He will be sorely missed but we wish him bonne chance for Sly & the Gayz.

So Michael and I packed our bags, said our goodbyes and boarded the train for London.
We found ourselves a little Victorian house in the Jewish area of Stamford Hill. We persuaded Swedish music-meister Ulf Westergren to give up his job and come live with us with little more than his hairspray, his high-heels and his Hammond organ. The next day we found ourselves a perfect rehearsal space under a red newsagent in Stoke Newington. An old friend put us in touch with Brett Anderson’s drummer Sebastian Sternberg. Over tea and scones we persuaded Sebas to join the family. Within a week he had learnt the set. We had everything we needed…or just about…

The final piece in the puzzle was to find ourselves a bassist. Enter Pete Perrett, ex-member of Babyshambles and all-round dapper English gentleman. The band was now complete. Since then we’ve been holed up in North London putting the final touches to the new and improved Rodeo Massacre.

We will miss France but we will be back. Like my Viking ancestors who, many moons ago, crossed the seas to rape and pillage, we too have made the trip to make our mark on London, England, to take what is ours and to return home victors. We may be gone sometime but remember you will always be in our hearts and if you’re ever in town please drop us a line and come see us play.

Izzy & the boys

So now they're a London-via-Paris-via-Sweden band with an ex-member of Babyshambles. All right then. If it works for them, it works for me.

I'm pretty sure none of the songs they have on their 'Space are new material, but since it's been a while, they all sound pretty new and great to me. ("Brand New Day" and "City of Disaster," in particular.) Will have to remember to keep an eye on this lot.

Upcoming shows (all en Europe, sorry, Yanks):

5 April 2008 Water Rats London, UK
26 April 2008 Latino Bar Seville, ES
18 May 2008 The George Tavern London, UK
13 June 2008 The Borderline London, UK

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