02 April 2009

Nothing's On Telly : Except Stuck and Pony Pony Run Run ARE on Telly.

Stuck In The Sound were featured on the French-German station Arté's "One Shot Not" on the 28th. It's a nearly 15-minute long video, well done, featuring interviews with the band and two live cuts from their latest release Shoegazing Kids, "Ouais" and my personal favourite "Teen Tale." Sorry if you don't understand French, though; I can't possibly sit here and transcribe the whole thing. Watch it for the live performances if for nothing else.

Stuck In The Sound - "Ouais"
Stuck In The Sound - "Teen Tale"


I've been writing about Pony Pony Run Run's latest effort (entitled You need Pony Pony Run Run and due out 15th June on 3ème bureau, according to Play Five) over the past few weeks. The first cut from the album, "Hey You," has since been picked up by French station Canal+ for their "Coming Up Next" spots this season.

Unfortch, it doesn't look like Canal+ allows embedding soooooo you'll have to go here to watch random French people dancing around to PPRR's beats.

Pony Pony Run Run - "Hey You"

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  1. got the chance to meet them last year! they're amazin n José is so nice n friendly! One of the best French band eva, Ouaiiis!