18 March 2009

New Song / MySpace It : De bonnes nouvelles from Pony Pony Run Run.

I once tried to see Pony Pony Run Run, hailing from France, live at the Fleche d'Or. This, however, was not to be as my ear decided, "Nope, too loud, headache, time to go home." And so I did. So I've been waiting for them to get around to releasing a record ever since.

Good news, then - according to the band, they've just finished recording and mixing their new record, recorded at Ferber Studio in Paris, and it should be out sometime in June.

While you wait, they've posted the first single of the album, "Out Of Control," a reworking of an older PPRR song, on their 'Space. And made a teaser video.

This whole "song teaser" thing seems to be big with French bands. I'm not sure I get it.

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