01 May 2009

In The Studio : The Go Find

If you do not know about The Go Find, fronted/founded by Dieter Sermeus, it is my fault because I have neglected to write about them for a rather long time. I am sorry. But! They're in the studio, making their third record.

So we are recordig the new album.
So we are nervous.
We think it’s going to be reaaaaaaaaally good.
Sometimes we think we better stop the music all together and start a real life?
But most of the time we think we are making the best go find record ever and are very happy with it.
I hope...


Pfft, who needs a "real" life anyway? Please keep making music.

Here's a video of them at la Fl├Ęche d'Or back in October 2007, taken by Grandcrew (troll their archives for more gorgeous live videos):

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