21 May 2009

Re-up : Stuck In The Sound, "Lola" (Kinks cover)

Last July, I posted about Stuck In The Sound's cover of the Kinks' hit "Lola," which they had released while working on sophomore effort Shoegazing Kids. Since then, I either deleted the file or zshare did it for me because it hadn't been downloaded in a while. As of late, however, I've gotten several requests for the file because it's pretty much impossible to find elsewhere on the Internet and it isn't up on their MySpace anymore. (Believe me, I've tried to find it, because I thought I'd lost the file for a while there.)

So I figured I'd do you guys a solid and re-up it for a little while, making my life a little easier and giving y'all the chance to hear it for a second time.

Stuck In The Sound - "Lola" (Kinks cover) [zshare] [ysi]

You can read my original post (in French, of course) here.


  1. Hey! tu peux pas imaginer à quel point je suis reconnaissante pour cette chanson de Stuck. Je te l'avais demandé par mail le mois dernier ;-)! Merci encore parce que comme tu le dis elle est carrément introuvable sur le net... THANKS A LOT KATY!!

  2. salut est ce que tu pourrais renvoyer un lien "yousendit" STP j'adore cette chanson !!