02 June 2009

Phoenix to perform LIVE web concert tomorrow at SFR Studios. Sign up!

Tomorrow, 3rd June, Phoenix will be playing a live set at French mobile carrier SFR's Attention Musique Fraiche! live concert series. The show is at 8:30 pm Paris time (that would be 2:30 pm EST, although the countdown thing on the SFR site is giving me 23 hours to go...weird) and you can watch it live on ton ordi. (That would be "your computer" in English.)

You do have to sign up, however, which you can do by going here and filling out the form outlined in red ("informations obligatoires"; don't worry about the box labeled "informations facultatives") : screenname (pseudo), password (mot de passe), first name (prenom), last name (nom), email, and the captcha phrase given IN LOWERCASE LETTERS (they're being tricksy like that). Then, of course, confirm your email and sign in to the SFR site to enjoy the show.

There's a video interview with Phoenix here as well, but I'm not translating that for you. Sorry.

ETA : So, I'm not really 100% positive as to whether or not you have to sign up to watch the show. That's the impression I'm getting, though it could just be an effort by SFR to get more people to log in to their website. Regardless, better safe than sorry, right? Right.

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