04 August 2009

I'm not dead! I just want brains.

Hey everyone,

So, without total conscious decision, I somehow decided to take the month of July "off." There's a lot I still want to write about - I mean, there's ALWAYS a lot of stuff I still want to write about - but somehow, things got really bogged down between work and vacation and all that I just didn't feel like sitting down and sussing out what needed to be said and what didn't.

I should be back this month, even if updating will be spotty for the next two - I'm about to move back to Paris in about a month and a half, so life will be hectic 'til I'm settled in there. But I absolutely, positively promise to write. Okay? Okay.

Two updates you can expect soon :

- Northside, Day Three and The Best Set I've Seen by Bishop Allen (mainly done in bullet-form, except the part about Bishop Allen because that'd be criminal)
- My First Earthquake, a video by them, and their MJ tribute / mash-up (Go do your homework and look them up now, okay? Okay!)

Also maybe soon : the new Nightmare of You record, Finding Fiction, and maybe some other stuff.

Love y'all lots,
Katy x

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  1. We met at Bishop Allen; my friend and I stood next to you right at the front. BEST SET EVER indeed. :)