24 December 2007

Holiday songs: 21, 22, 23, 24 December

We're going to play "two-for" with this edition- you get two versions of the same song.

When Benji Cossa put out his Christmas record this year, I had never heard of Big Star or their song "Jesus Christ." Here's both the original and Benji's cover, which he performed live at the Serious Business Holiday Party.

Big Star - "Jesus Christ"
Benji Cossa - "Jesus Christ"

And since we've already heard both Elvis and Hanson today, why not stick with what we know? Here's "Merry Christmas Baby" from both.

Elvis Presely - "Merry Christmas Baby"
Hanson - "Merry Christmas Baby"

Also, if you're looking for more to play at tonight's Christmas Eve bash, check out Bag of Songs' Christmas Song of the Day list, which is far superior to mine and includes this awesome cover of "Last Christmas" by The Fire Apes.

Back tomorrow with a few more Christmas songs, if I make it through the annual crazy Italian family get-together...


  1. Katy,
    Thanks for the mention, I'd say your list is pretty impressive too.
    Hope you're having a great Christmas holiday.
    -tom(bag of songs)

  2. You've never heard of Big Star?? Oof.

  3. You've never heard of Big Star?? Oof.

    Always a critic. :P

    And thanks, Tom. :) I hope your holidays went well, too.