15 December 2007

Look, Ma, I made a mixlist!: "No Amount of Whiskey, No Amount of Wine"

I've been in a mellow-music mood lately, I've found. When I'm not listening to that cover of "Gimme More," that is. I finally got Bishop Allen and the Broken String, which is the first record I've completely fallen in love with in a while, and while it's still a rock record, it's quite acoustic. Also, have been listening to Of Montreal's Cherry Peel a lot, plus that Shout Out Louds tune, and some others.

This is actually a shuffle mix that my iPod popped out- well, almost. I added "Peace and Hate" in lieu of a Jason Falkner song that I didn't particularly care for. Some of it is super-mellow, some of it is a little more rock, but it all seems to fit together pretty well.

[1]The Weepies - Gotta Have You
I listened to this on the train to New York the other day. It was a gray morning, and as well pulled away from the Somerville station, or maybe it was Bound Brook, there was a huge American flag out the window, waving in slow motion as we passed. It was a perfect moment. I wish I could have captured it.

[2]Cut Copy - Bright Neon Payphone
I saw this lot open for Franz Ferdinand way back in October 2005. (Remember October 2005? Yeah, that was a good month for shows. I saw three of my now-favourite bands within the space of about two weeks. And then I saw one of said bands again about a week later. Craziness. I wonder if something like that will ever happen again.) This song is a little more rock, a little more wandering. It's the kind of thing you might play on an early summer road trip as you cruise down the freeways.

[3]"Matchbox" - The Beatles
This is from Live at the BBC, which I openly stole from Travis' iTunes. According to Wikipedia, that's Ringo Starr on vocals.

[4]"Peace and Hate" - The Submarines
Somebody's had The Submarines on his 'Space for a while now, and they're quite good, although I didn't realise/remember I had any of their songs on my iPod until this one came on during a shuffle. And then I was like, "Oh, The Submarines. That's cool." And then I listened to this song a bunch of times on repeat, as I'm wont to do.

[5]"In Dreams I Dance With You" - Of Montreal
Also stolen from Mr. Business. Thanks, Travis. Anyway, this little ditty is like two songs in one! And it's only two minutes long! Which I love! Because God knows I have the attention span of a gnat! And it makes no sense! But it's about dreams! And nothing in dreams makes sense! /exclamation points

[6]"Minor Detail" - Sondre Lerche
I love this boy, and I'm sad that I missed him when he came through NY/NJ just a few weeks ago. This sounds so much like something you'd hear in a hotel lounge, the kind of piano-based thing that could fade into the background if you let it, but bears a lot of sense and significance when you pay attention to it. I'd like Sondre Lerche be playing in my hotel.

(Wow. That sounded a lot dirtier than I intended it to do.)

[7]"Nothing Rhymed" - Gilbert O'Sullivan
I must have gotten this when I downloaded the full Breakfast on Pluto book soundtrack from a friend about two years ago. That movie had such an impact on me, musically and otherwise - I re-listened to the movie soundtrack just recently and was reminded of how fabulous it is.

[8]"Reasons Unknown" - The Killers
I didn't like Sam's Town so much. I thought the Killers were trying too hard. This song sound strangely good here, though.

[9]"Don't Wait" - Dashboard Confessional
Dusk and Summer is probably my least favourite DC record. It sounds more like "Vindicated" (which I actually love to pieces, but that doesn't mean I'd like a whole record of it) and less like the classic Swiss Army Romance. Or maybe I'm just growing out of DC.

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