11 December 2007

MySpace it/Stuck in my head: Everyone covers La Spears.

Less Lee over at Popshifter.com turned me on to Chicago band Local H's cover of B. Spears' "Toxic." She says, "This cover is the JAM." I say, it is pretty sweet, though I (sadly) have soft spot for the original. Love the guitar work on the intro, though.

Hear it over at their 'Space.

Funnily enough, just a few days ago, I picked up Machinae Supremacy's cover of "Gimme' More" from Pretty Much Amazing!, and that about sums it up. I don't like "Gimme' More," but I love this cover. The hard rock take on this song makes it feel so much dirtier- I just want to grab the first dirty skinny rocker boy I find and make out with him in a dark corner. Or maybe just table dance as I rock out to this song. Either of those sound like a good time.

Machinae Supremacy - "Gimme' More"

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