05 January 2009

Download "The Year In Business: 2008"

You may have needed a $700 billion bailout, Wall Street, but Serious Business Records is having the Best Year Ever!

Okay, yeah, that's a lame joke. Sorry.

But up for free download from now until forever is Ser Biz's annual year-end compilation record, The Year In Business: 2008, packed with 2008's biggest tracks from the NY-based label.


1. Rocketship Park - "Because (Two Candles)" from Off and Away
2. The Two Man Gentlemen Band - "Dippin' Sauce" from Heavy Petting
3. Benji Cossa - Volcano from the Benji Cossa and the Tightens LP
4. Looker - "Gates of the Old City" from Born in the Desert
5. Higgins - "Charly" from Zs
6. Secret Dakota Ring - "The Fade to Black" from Cantarell
7. Jack and the Pulpits - "Dance Area" from Jack and the Pulpits EP
8. The Homosexuals - "Slow Guns" from Love Guns? 10" EP
9. The Unsacred Hearts - "Where Are You" from forthcoming second Hearts album, The Honor Bar
10. The Two Man Gentlemen Band - "The Rabbit Foot Stomp" from the forthcoming fourth full-length Gents record, Drip Dryin' with the Two Man Gentlemen Band (out on 14th January)
11. Benji Cossa - "April" from Benji Cossa's Vault Vol. 2: Jewels and Gems
12. Higgins - "Make a Mistake" from Trust in Higgins Vol. 1
13. Jack and the Pulpits - "Show Off" from forthcoming 2nd JatP EP, a prequel to their first
14. Boshra al Saadi - "Daddy You Been On My Mind" unreleased Bob Dylan cover recorded in the men's room at Serious Business, 1st December 2008
15. Rocketship Park - "Seasons" from Off and Away

The whole compilation is FREE and up for download as a .Zip here. If you feel like donating a few dollars to Ser Biz, they'll send you a CD copy, too.


I'ma probably do some sort of 2008-in-pictures-I-took-concerts post sometime soon, too. I know you're all just dying to read that...evs.

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