09 May 2009

Sounds Like... / MySpace It : The Go Find cover The Chills' "Pink Frost"

Are sounds sent on a journey they come back in echoes. This compilation is widely traveled - around half of the world and to another time. To the 1980ies when just in New Zealand the archetype of what was called Indie Pop later on was pressed on vinyl and soon defined a new way of how Indie pop has seen itself, concerning sound as well as attitude. "Flying Nun", "Xpressway", "IMD" or "Corpus Hermeticum" were the names of the labels, The Clean, The Chills or Tall Dwarfs the names of the bands. Pop songs or rather hits were born in garages and pressed on screen printed seven inches. A relevant music culture beyond a big and global music industry was thought and lived. Maybe just because it has not reached New Zealand before.

Yesterday, Berlin-based label Morr Music put released Not Given Lightly - A Tribute To the Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand's Alternative Music Scene, a concept compilation of Kiwi pop covers from Morr's roster.

The Go Find, who, as I mentioned a week ago, are in the studio working on album number three, contributed a cover of The Chills' "Pink Frost." (Funnily enough, "Pink Frost" is the only song to be covered twice on the 34-track comp, also being sung by Masha Qrella).

You can hear The Go Find's cover on their 'Space. (I'm having trouble tracking down / getting an mp3 to work, otherwise I'd toss that in for you.) Their version of "Pink Frost" is pretty and ethereal; the bits and bobs I've heard of the rest of the compilation (in between my computer deciding to shut itself down three times) sound gorgeous as well. Some of the other tracks are up for listening on Morr's site, although if you can get the links to work, please let me know how you did it.

The Go Find's next record is expected sometime early next year.

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