19 January 2010

So it's a new year.

I'm sort of ashamed. I've REALLY fallen out of the habit of posting, haven't I? Which means I've fallen out of the habit of listening to new stuff, which means I have nothing to write about anyway, which makes it one big, vicious cycle. I've also been in Paris for four months now and I haven't yet gone to a concert. Not a single one. Not even at La Fl├Ęche d'or. This is batshit.

My goals for this year :

1) Keep y'all entertained and work up to posting an average of once per day. (I said "work up to." That's not going to happen this month.)

2) Stop being late to everything.

3) Figure out a way to get into the Pony Pony Run Run (21 January), B.B. Brunes (10 February), and Vampire Weekend (25 February) shows in Paris.

And in other news, Vampire Weekend has released a new record, OK Go has, too (and I actually have my tickets to go see them on the 26th), and I'll actually, ya' know, start listening to stuff and responding to your emails. Promise!

But seriously y'all, somebody get me into those shows and I will love you forever. Please?

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  1. FROBlog loves me some OK Go...check it out: http://jfroblog.blogspot.com/2010/09/hairy-bitches-abound-in-new-ok-go-video.html